Squeezed Space

2008, December

Squeezing a fabric map results in a compression of the 3D computer world with images, sound, and GPS recordings of a path all being smashed together. Fabric sensors were made using conductive thread, woven such that threads make contact with each other when the fabric is squeezed. Arrays of conductive threads are connected one after another by 1KOhm resistors, with both ends of whole arrays taken as measurement points. Thus, the points of contact between arrays skip the resistors in between, resulting in the entire resistance being decreased. Localized information can also be obtained by adding more wires in between arrays as shown in the interactive poem interface. Variations on weaving patterns were sought for.

GPS recordings between Providence’s Kennedy Plaza and T.F. Green Airport were obtained with a number of images and sound samples. The GPS path is drawn on the Processing screen in 3D, and five images and sound samples are allocated on the GPS path. 3D image space is compressed by squeezing the fabric map and subsequently the image and sound sample intervals are reduced as well.

mixed media: Arduino, Processing, custom fabric sensor.
Dimensions variable.

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