Taehee Kim

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Designing a Delta Robot


Robots are now core elements in factory automation. Among various types of robots, delta robots are widely employed where controlled fast motions are required at a low cost. We have built a family of new commercial delta robots aiming at the middle range price market with sufficient performances. We completed a design process based on the survey of conventional commercial delta robots. This design process aimed at cost effective production and maintenance of our delta robots at the same time building a plausible brand identity in the marketing point of view. The functional requirements and engineering constraints were considered. We summarize the study about conventional delta robots in order to decide the design directions. We then show the concepts, sketches, color analysis, and the final design. We also explain the engineering requirements and constraints specific to delta robots that we needed to consider.

Taehee Kim, Jinsik Choi, Youngsan University; Young Jin Lee, Geon Woo Park, Autopower Co., Ltd.; Jangwon Yoon, I ON Design Company