Taehee Kim

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Boundary process.

Boundary of Meaning

2015, July

Looking at a boundary, there seems no eternal boundary. A boundary between two different things creates a space of infinite depth with full of delicate contrast of meaning, wanders, undeterminable identity, recursively, and/or perhaps nothing.
This video installation uses a kinect camera in order to capture human figures and objects in a certain range of distance neglecting the background. The programmed computer extracts pixels from the material captured and sort them in an order of the pixel brightness, and this color table is used as palette. Then, using that palette, the computer draws on the screen concentric circles from one pixel diameter to 900 pixel diameter with one pixel stroke. The diameters of circles increase by two pixels so that the screen only shows the strokes of the concentric circles. The color of the strokes are taken from the palette that is created by extracting colors from the object that the kinect camera has taken. The brightest colors are used from the centre to the darkest color to the outer perimeter of the screen. This results in the gradient of brightness of the colors with the centre brightest, which is intended to create a sense of space in the screen.

projector, screen, computer, kinect camera, Processing codes.