Taehee Kim

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Generative Pixels Series


Generative Pixels

January 2012

Lines rotate leaving their tails behind with an opacity value. The faster the line rotates the longer the trail is left thus darker. The speed of a revolving line corresponds to a pixel grey value. The brightness of every pixel from a found image is translated into the speed of the revolution of the corresponding line. Transformation of a still pixel into a motion of lines turns the source image into a moving image with a particular texture.

found image, computer program codes(Processing), video projection. dimensions variable.

Time and Particle

December, 2013

Using realtime camera to project the scene in front of the computer that would act as a particular mirror with the pixels represented by rotating lines of different speeds remaining tails behind of different speeds. There will be lag in time between the changes in pixel values on the camera and the screen image as the pixel values are represented by motions of the pixels.

computer, embedded camera, computer program codes(Processing)