Taehee Kim

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Reflection7 1 small.

Reflection Series


Reflection I
wood, acrylic, piano wire, IR sensor, servo motor, 65cnx53cm
The distance to a viewer is translated into the degree of bend of the piano wire by the revolution of the circular plate. The minimal yet responsive interactive feature reflects the viewer in a simplified and direct scope.

Reflection II
wood, acrylic, piano wire, five cell IR sensor, servo motor, 72cnx61cm
The viewer's position is read by the five cell infrared sensor that offers a minimal visual recognition capacity that is mapped onto the angular positions of two larger circular plates. This results in the wire diagrams to be in various shapes reflecting the viewer in the linear interaction.

Reflection III
wood, acrylic, piano wire, five cell IR sensor, servo motor, magnets, 117cnx91cm

The motors mounted on the back drive the ends of the piano wire remotely using magnets while the center of the wire is hold by steady magnet also on the back. While the motors respond to the viewers in terms of positions, the wire is bent to create varied composition. The minimal form excellerates the contrast between the wire benditure and the white background. Slow motor response is intended in order to provide a tention in the interaction that possibly slow down the motions and the mind of the viewers.